Book Composing – Typesetting

AdVenture Creative Solutions specializes in book typesetting!

Typesetting or page composition is setting a book’s text into a structured, and ready to publish format. Selection of appropriate fonts, styles, letter, word, line spacing and paragraph alignment are essential to make a book appeal to a reader. Typesetting has been considered as a crucial stage in publication as it can make or break the entire look of the book. That’s why, most of the publications prefer outsourcing typesetting services.

AdVenture Creative Solutions is one of the leading typesetting companies in India. We enhance the meaning with mood and style and make your publication appeal to the readers.

Our Approach

Specialized typesetting skills are key to make well-designed, impressive publication. Being one of the best typesetting services in India, we apply designer specifications to the manuscripts; review the issues that affect the beauty and readability. We select an adequate style, size and composition of all text, photographic and design elements supplied to make your text clear and accessible.

The tool that we use for typesetting is InDesign, We use the illustrator, Photoshop, coral and other tools for designing purposes. It is important to place the illustrations, photographs, and other artworks at the appropriate spot in the book. Our book typesetting services ensure illustrations meet specified criteria for printing and consistent with the style.

What's special about our typesetting & book composition services?

We are specialized in technical books (physics, chemistry, biology or medical books.), children’s books, comic art, line art and all type of Hindi and English books. We can handle most formats. Our experienced, expertise team can handle most formats, various style guide words, headings, tables and graphics.

Why choose us

  • High-quality end-product
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Competitive pricing
  • Extensive experience
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Customizable layout
  • Customer specific output format
  • Easy online tracking
  • Friendly and Dedicated customer support team

We provide a total solution for all your publication needs at competitive prices. We endeavor to refine and improve our services and committed to sustaining our position as one of the pioneering typesetting services in India.