Layout Design

The Computer Minds offers comprehensive layout design services designed for all sorts of publications - both offline and online.

The arrangements of elements such as image, text on a page is referred as layout design. It deals with the sizing, spacing and placement of the contents in a design.

Page layout design is like the setting in a room. The room should be elegant and comfortable. Same in the case with the design. It should be attractive, at the same time, user friendly too. The layout design should not disturb the user. The arrangement of different visual elements influences the success of the layout.

Great layout design should be

  • Attractive
  • Functional
  • User-friendly

What's special about our page layout design

Page layout and design plays a key role in making the appearance visually appealing. The main ingredient to a success of page layout design rests with the expertise and experience of a layout and design specialist.

Being one of the best magazine cover page designers, our experienced and creative graphic designers have an adequate understanding of all attributes like balance, proportion, sequence, emphasis, alignment, consistency. They can transform your concept into reality.

The Computer Minds is one of the leading Creative designers in India. We use Indesign, the state of the art technology to ensure high quality products.

We offer a range of layout design services to meet whatever your needs might be.

Our services include

  • Magazine layout design
  • Page layout design
  • Book layout design
  • Website layout design
  • Newspaper layouts Designs
  • Children’s book designs
  • Brochure Design services
  • Logo design Services

Why choose us

  • Attractive, functional, user-friendly layout designs
  • Attention to details
  • Experienced and creative graphic designers
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Competitive pricing
  • Extensive experience
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Friendly and Dedicated customer support team

Whatever your requirement and needs for layout designs– we can meet them! We are committed to sustaining our position as one of the pioneering Creative designers in India