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About Us

About Us

ABOUT COMPUTER MINDS from the basics of QuarkXpress and Indesign to the core of the pre-press operations and color Managements. Recognized as an accomplished technical consultants, skilled at providing effective technical instruction and coordinating training programs. Adept at conveying even the most technical and complex information to students at all levels. Keeping in tune with technology through continuing education and training. Right now our candidates are working with publishing giants like, Thomson Press, KCS, Tech Books, Quark India, Innodata, ICC, Q2A, EON, Cyber Media and many more. The Computer Minds is a 12 years old organisation and one of the leading institute for quali­­­­ty computer education. We offer a wide range of long-term and short-term IT courses catering to each individual’s unique requirements For those who cannot devote years to computer education, we have many short-term courses – duration 24 hours to 100 hours – that can enhance your computer skills and offer you certification, no matter what your specific requirement. Teaching all the in demand Core IT skills, even as it hones your soft skills such as communication skills and your industry orientation. What’s more, the course makes the job-hunting process much easier since you will enter the market already equipped with sought-after, job-relevant qualifications.


We understands the intricacies of human resource management. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between the requirements in various organizations and the career aspirations of individuals. We seek to establish a lasting relationship between the employer and the job. We are providing specialized recruitment Courses to publishing companies like Express KCS, Thomson Digital, Thomson Press, Serco, Techbooks International, Cyber Media, Innodata, Arena Multimedia etc. In the year 2002 we started working for publishing companies and now covered almost all the industries like We believe you could trust us to grow your organization by recruiting the best employee. We train our students in such a way that they easily got absorbed in the market. For the convenience of our recruiters, we match each student's profile with their corporate needs, ethos, size and structure. This ensures that you get exactly what you need in your firm. We are in this business for keeps – not only do we ensure that you get what you want, but we also make sure you come back for more! We have tie-ups with many corporate giants like, Thomson Press, Infosys BPO, Express KCS, Techbooks,Innodata and many more organisations. We have provided them hundreds of candidates.

  • What Makes Us Special

    The computer minds has gone to extraordinary lengths to hand-pick specially talented people in each field. Apart from our regular teams, we also have on our panel brilliantly creative talent with the spark of inventive genius. When it comes to sheer innovations in giving your company a distinctively unique identity, we are unsurpassed.

  • Why Choose the computer minds

    You could opt for Courses from various service providers. This leads to disparities and a lack of symmetry and cohesion. You choose the computer minds and you have one single point of service for all solutions you need. Besides, when you choose us for one or more of these Courses you pay less and get more value. Though each team is separate, we work in harmony, with full collaboration in order to further a client's objective.

    There are thousands that will provide routine Courses. When you want brilliantly inventive and innovative solutions that put your business in a class apart, it is time to call us. We are always available.

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